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SEO based Domain name choosing

One of the many tips to rank better would be to choose an appropriate Domain Name. Afterall, your Domain Name is your online identity & so it needs to be relevant to your business and easy for users to remember, too.

Moreover, Google trusts websites that belong to real companies with real addresses. And if your registration details suggest otherwise it could hinder your SEO campaign.

From our years of experience, here are some of our tips:

  1. Ensure to include your Company Name /Business branding.
  2. The Shorter the Better.
  3. Include the Root Keyword of your Niche Market. (If you operate a travel Company, let travel be a part of your domain name.)
  4. Try Not to Use Dashes..
  5. Make it Easy to Remember and Marketable.
  6. Check who your target customers are? Suppose, you are a Local business based in the Australia, & your target customers are also Aussie, you could go for a com.au domain Name, rather than a .com Domain.
  7. While Registering, you may use your Company Name and Address, rather than your own personal details. Provide full details, after all you’ve got nothing to hide
  8. You may want to register your site for the maximum period. It obviously shows that you are serious about your business & in it for the long haul. At least that’s how Google thinks.

Make your domain name marketable and catchy. There’s nothing as bad than having a domain name that is hard to say or hard to remember. Your customers might get your website confused with a different website and end up buying from your competitor.

Finally, a word of caution, ensure that you Domain Name is registered in your own name. You don;t want to realise a few years down the road, that you Domain is high-jacked by the person/company, who helped you buy it.

At HighRankingStudio, we can assist you with choosing and registering a search friendly domain name. Do write to us, for any further assistance.