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PPC Advertising

What is PPC?

PAY PER CLICK (abbreviated as PPC) is a way for sites to appear in prominent positions on search engine results pages by paying to display your results. Most search engines clearly separate these results from the organic results, typically by placing them on a shaded background, although some engines are starting to blur the line between the two. Paid results tend to occur at the top of a page and in the right hand column.

How we can help ?

We have Google Adword Certified Professionals to advice & assist you. They have more than 5 years of experience in the field of Google Adwords Campaign Setup and Optimization, Google Analytics Setup and Tracking. We advice you on, how to avoid wasting your money / budget on non relevant clicks.



Our PPC resource is Google Adwords Certified. In PPC, we do not touch your website backend. We just require your webmaster’s help in pasting Google Analytics Setup Code (if it is not already pasted). We use Google Analytics to analyze your website statistics, setup goals and re-marketing lists to improve Adwords Performance. Successful adword campaigns critically depend on keyword research. We provide simple suggestions to your website landing pages if required and you may consider implementing with the help of your webmaster to improve ROI.


We have expertise in

  1. Search Campaigns (Text Ads)
  2. Display Network Only Campaigns(Text, Banner & Video Ads) (Banners & Videos will be provided by your designers in required sizes & duration)
  3. Display Network - Re-Marketing Only Campaigns (We use Google Analytics Re-Marketing Lists)
  4. Dynamic Campaigns (only if there is a need for it)

We have expertise in both Cost Per Click campaigns and Cost Per Acquisition Campaigns. We have expertise in using Conversion Optimizer feature in both Search & Display Network segments.



We analyze your products/services and come up with proper Adwords Campaign Structure and Settings that best suits your business style.

The logic lies in choosing keywords with specific Ads. We spend good amount of our time in Keyword Analysis.


  • We develop your Text Ads.
  • We implement your banner & video Ads.
  • We develop specific Ad Extensions.
  • We come up with Bidding & Budget Strategy.


  • Providing more opportunity to best performing keywords.
  • Removing irrelevant search terms by adding negative keywords.
  • Ads performance analysis and introducing more variations to best performing ads
  • Introducing Multiple Custom Placements for display network campaigns
  • Conversions based approach.
  • We analyze your Adwords Performance & review your Google Analytics Statistical Data.
  • Competitive Metrics Analysis.
  • Auction Insights analysis.
  • Search Term Analysis.
  • Impression Share & Budget Analysis.


We charge a FIXED PRICE as initial setup and optimization fee for first month. From second month, we charge a FIXED PRICE as our management fee. And, you will renew our services every month.

Please visit our BLOG to read about the latest trends & updates on PPC & Google Adwords.

Please feel free to Contact us to know more about how PPC campaigns can help you – increase your online business.